Hey! My name is Alexa, I’m a 10th grader at the “Spiru Haret” high school in Bucharest and I volunteered at The Color Run Tropicor 2016. I’ve learned about this opportunity from some friends and I think I made the best choice when I decided to enroll. I had volunteered to other marathons, but this experience had a gorgeous, unique impact over me.

alexa-voluntar-tropicolor-2LOTS of fun, lots of beautiful people, joy, smiles everywhere you look, in short: my experience at The Color Run.

I met great people, made new friends and together we shared the happiness with the competitors. I could say that I had a “tropicolorful” experience, it would certainly be much easier, but it would be wrong. It was more than that. The joy you feel when you’re surrounded by so many happy and lively people is beyond description! Although it was my first TCR experience, I am firmly convinced that I will participate again; it was too nice!

What did I do as a volunteer at The Color Run?

I did some flyering, then I participated in the race kits delivery (which, by the way, I liked most of all the things I did at The Color Run :D) and the “big day” I was a photographer at the GROW stand. Behind the camera, things are like this: smiles and smiles and smiles. Oh, yes, and happiness. Lots of happiness. It was incredibly nice to capture the beautiful moments that both the participants and other volunteers lived during the race day – precious memories that we will all remember.

Personally, I think is less important as “who” you come to such events (runner, volunteer, coordinator). It’s impossible not to feel awesome! Atmosphere, bright colors, costumes, colored powder – all contribute to the success of this event. So… did I convince you?