I had heard about The Color Run from my colleagues, who told me it was so cool. Eight months later, I lived my own Color Run experience. The first happy moment was when I received the “Welcome to the team!” mail. I was accepted as a volunteer and so it all began. I got involved in the flyering campaign, I participated in meetings and helped with the kit bags, I met new people and also old friends. For me, another reason of happiness was when I learned that we, the volunteers, can also run.


It was a great period, but this was nothing compared to what was to come on the race day. Agitation, colors, volunteers, good mood, energy plus 5 reasons to participate in The Color Run:

  1. The atmospherefrom the moment people entered to the giant gates, everything you saw around was cheerfulness and smiles. In addition, everyone was in a good mood and already colored (due to the tutus and the glasses).
  2. The race – although there are 5 km to cover, you can consider the race just a stroll. Not being a competitive race, people relax, waiting for the moment to be colored again.
  3. The colorsfor me, as a runner, the thing I wanted most was to arrive at a new color gate. It seems one of the best feelings ever to be colorful and the idea itself always fascinated me. When I experienced that on my hands and shirt, I knew that I’ll never miss a Color Run race.
  4. The after-party – I think there are no words to describe exactly what I felt in that moment, but all I know for sure is that I was happy, that kind of happiness you feel when your parents tell you they are proud of you. The best moment was when everyone threw the colored powder. I will never forget: “Let’s color the sky, at 3” and everybody jumped with the powder. The music was loud and everyone was smiling, although all the faces were covered with colored powder.
  5. The people – the people on stage who encouraged others, the runners, the volunteers from the GROW stand, with fun games and prizes. There were also people from other stands who took pictures or tattoos and the people who were there to help. All these friendly people have transformed the 25th of April 2015 to be the best day of the year so far.


Come with us to take your own dose of energy and color! Pair your bronze with the most brilliant shades, because on the first day of August The Color Run madness comes to Mamaia, on the seaside!

Sign up here and dedicate your Color Run race&fun to the high school students from GROW project. By participanting in the race, you contribue directly to their development, because a part of the fee is redirected to the program.

Article written by Sony Swaray, volunteer at The Color Run