Andrea Bocskor, Brasov

Somewhere between hysterical laughing and tears streaming down my face, I realized what GROW meant for me.

I always looked around, discerning people with their number one passions and where they belonged, to their groups.

There was my friend, leader at the Red Cross, always talking about what they were up to next. Then there was my other friend, talking about how Hospice was his whole life. And I always wondered what will be “my thing”, where I would feel that I truly fit in and that I can be myself.

It showed up, after long search, from volunteering from one organisation to another, from project to project, I have finally found it: it is GROW. I have this experience written all over myself: starting from the bracelets on my wrists, to the smile on my face when I look back at the memories. Here I have found a soul friend, whom you do not find very often in life, I have also found residence in the hearts of two amazing internationals whom opened my eyes and, most importantly, I have found out that happiness exists among people sharing the same love for life as you.


Some days, after the boredom at school, I could not wait to attend the GROW sessions and, furthermore, to wish to participate even to the ones where I was not scheduled. Students told me how they wish school was like GROW and it to never end, which is big.

andrea grow brasov

Building such mentalities, opening eyes and making people wish in life, is what this project is about. Also, the fact that the participants could not get enough of the positive feeling of these past weeks, is what makes it invincible and one of the greatest things in a teenagers life.

I have come in contact with so many beautiful people, when I was on the verge of losing my hope towards my generation. I have also come in contact with myself and realized how full of life I can be when put in front of my dreams, to make them happen, to know that I can and that I will.

It feels as if this has been the best dream I ever had, but when I look around me, to the people I have gathered because of this project, or even to my hands, to remember that  I can, and when I look in the mirror, to a joyful self that I thought to have lost, I wake up to it: it was real. GROW has happened here, with me, with all of us.

I am standing, more determined to reach the purpose in my life as ever, more set to help and inspire people around me, to become what I want to be and to never be taken back by any obstacle.

I and we, the found generation, are going to make it, thanks to GROW.