We wish to get to know as well as we can the young GROW participants, so we offered to host the “Learning Styles” session in a training room from our friendly office. GROW workshops take place in different locations, either with help from AIESEC or at the partner’s headquarters. This time, it was our turn, as organizers, to bring the teenagers to us.

In total, there were more than 1800 pupils gathered from the whole country, who participated at the Learning Styles workshop. In Bucharest, Pitesti and Timisoara, the teenagers had a surprise: the sessions were given by the trainees, in collaboration with 5 trainers from Accenture company – our partner from this part of the program.

In the morning, 18 GROWzavi 9th graders entered in the room which had been carefully arranged by Lina, an international trainer from Brazil, and Florina Vintila – Recruitment Specialist from Accenture, who were ready to deliver the workshop. For two hours, the high school students had been in a dynamic session and learned new things about themselves.



The workshop started with a discussion about learning styles and contexts based on Kolb’s theory. The teenagers completed a questionnaire in order to discover their own learning style. Then, grouped in teams, they debated their responses.

Another part of the session was for exchanging ideas about learning a foreign language: here, the teenagers presented their known languages, remembering how they learned them. The conclusion was that everyone has a different style of learning and if you know your own, you can use it to gather more easily the information.

The high school pupils were very open and they told us their impressions, not only abou the workshops, but also about the whole program:

“The session about learning strategies was interesting, and so was the whole project too. I loved the experience exchange and to interact with the internationals; as I had the opportunity to meet young people from all over the world.” said Robert, one of our participants.

For Anne-Lisse, the workshop was a good way to know new people:

“I was glad to meet different members from the GROW team and from the partner company. I liked how Florina presented and the fact that she explained the learning styles on our own language made the more difficult concepts understandable. I joined GROW because I wanted to meet people from different cultures, especially because I am keen on Asian culture. As I got closer to the trainees from my group, I discovered that we have similar tastes. I like foreign languages and I would want to travel as much as I can, I wish to volunteer, to know that I am a part of something bigger and GROW inspired me to have more initiative in this matter.”


Ilinca appreciates the cozy atmosphere and socializing at the workshops:

“I like that the sessions are in English, because it is easier to learn foreign languages by practicing them, and moreover, this abilities will be very useful in the future. This is one of the things I learned today. I think it is great that each GROW session is different and that I can discover interesting facts in a relaxing and funny way.”

For Lina, the international trainer, this session represented an adapting and involving context:

“Until now, at GROW, each day was different and came with new challenges. As a matter of fact, “challenge” is the word that best defines me, because I am the kind of person that wants to step out of her comfort zone, to grow. This is the reason I wanted to become a GROW trainer.

This program gave me the opportunity to interact with young people from the entire world, who came from countries as Malaysia, Taiwan or Egypt. I learned how to be more tolerant, more patient with others and how to understand and accept the cultural differences as they are, without any judgments.

I am glad that Florina delivered this session with me, as she is an experienced and nice person, and the teenagers told me that they felt comfortable. This was also figured out from the fact that they participated actively in the discussion about learning strategies, even if there were some more difficult parts. “


Florina Vintila, Recruiting Specialist from Accenture, told us about her motivation for participating at GROW and she seemed delighted about the changes that this project brings among teenagers.

“I became a GROW trainer in order to share my knowledge, but also to live a learning and developing experience. On the other hand, as a company, we consider that it is essential to get to know better the teenager’s reality, the reality of the new generation. The reason for this in that in some years these are the ones that will start working. We wished to send them a message about the importance of learning a foreign language, but also of a continuous improvement in order for them to be more receptive at the future employee’s expectations. It sometimes happens to make contact with teenagers that do not know exactly what they want for their lives. This is the reason why it is important for them to have the opportunity to participate at as many programs as GROW as possible, as there they discover their real potential during high school and understand which is the direction they want to follow in life.

I can say that this has been the most dynamic experience from my life. I delivered sessions before, but I had never been put to teach a group of teenagers. They are full of energy and this was for me a real challenge to adapt by being spontaneous and creative. Lina and I worked easily and collaborated efficiently, as I appreciated her being very open and responsive.”


At the end, the trainers stayed to exchange impressions and some of them seemed interested in becoming volunteers for our organisation. We were delighted by their open approach and we cannot wait to work with them!