Where can you find 150 smiling, full of energy volunteers, “in charge” with the good mood of 2000 colored people wearing tutus, crowns and magic wands? At The Color Run Shine Mamaia, of course!

On Saturday, August 1st, early in the morning, the Scoala de Valori volunteer team headed off to the seaside for the happiest 5 km on the planet. Teams were formed, tasks were assigned and then we started to prepare the GROW Wonderland stand, a magical corner brought to Mamaia to support the national education project for high school teenagers – GROW.


We welcomed the participants with games, colored whistles, magic wands and straws, for proper hydration, postcards, stickers, wheel of fortune and a fabulous photocorner where they could dress up in kings, princesses, witches, fairies or sheikhs.

Hundreds of people stepped into our realm of magic, GROW Wonderland, where they were photographed, they found out who we are, what GROW does and donated to support youth education. With a lot of positive energy, all runners headed toward the starting area and after the 5 km race they came back full of color and glitter, with big smiles on their faces.


We ended our day and closed the gates of GROW Wonderland through a huge cloud of color, thanking all the volunteers for their help and hard work. It was an unforgettable experience, captured in a magical album, which you can view here.