Have you ever thought that the whole world can fit under one roof?

With all the perfume, the fervor and the explosion of colors you dream of when you make plans to discover it. Well you do not need to leave your country or city to get to know it.

All you need is to open up your heart, start up your senses and put your imagination at work. And share your experiences with others.

We propose a game: If you could be the ambassador of a place on earth which would it be? What would it say about you and what would you tell others about it? How would you make others discover your world in a day? This game takes place at the World Wide Weekend, organised by GROW since 2 years ago, event that takes place in 14 cities alongside with the participants to the programme.

After a 6 week-interaction with the trainers from all continents the participants are given the chance to tell their stories and recompose the lively culture they come from. Their little imagination exercising, organisation and team work is an informal way of self discovery, about cultural broadening and about how they can become great and better ambassadors for their country.

In the April of 2012, the event gathered hundreds of participant from all over the country and 42 international trainers, each being very into presenting a different culture. Everything – from the stand organisation to the culinary goods and costumes were made by high school youngsters of 15 to 19 years of age.

Watch this little video of the event put together to see how their ideas caught life. How many countries can you visit in a day?