The GROW summer session is fast approaching, so we work hard with passion and determination so   that teenagers will live another  super adventure of self-discovery. We are happy when they thank us for the way in which GROW changed their lives for the better, as much as we are delighted with the parents’ messages.

We’ve recently received a touching email from the mother of a GROW student and we want to share it with you. Such messages give us energy and courage to carry on our projects for teenagers. Thanks for your support! 🙂

Generosity – of some young students for their younger high school colleagues

Resources – of high quality, for personal development

hOnesty –  of trainers and participants

Wow – the occasion of many wow moments for our children

In a word – GROW, a project that I found out about last year and in which Irina and I were looking forward for the Wednesdays. I used to go to school to pick her up and then run through the Bucharest traffic to be on time at the training with Rafael, a Brazilian who for Irina will always be related with the experience of learning and at the same time enjoying the learning. After each meeting, she was raving all the way back home.

This year, after receiving Daniela Capra’s message, we had a big celebration at home. If last year she went with her colleague Deea, this time the new Betty needed a “senior” guide.

One snowy day I was driving Irina and Betty  to Preoteasa again… Well, to be honest, this time they were dragging me. I had the privilege to meet a lovely team of dynamic, energetic and creative young people, very determined to do a good job.

As a mother, I am grateful for the way you shape our children’s hearts and minds and for the new learning experiences they get to have… Thank you for your total commitment for these children to have the chance of inspiring discoveries at such an important age!

This year, China has taken a new dimension for Irina, the one of seriousness and dedicated work. I strongly believe that everything she lived in GROW will influence her whole life!

I wish you good luck in all you do!… And I confess: you have won a family of parents as friends.

With deep appreciation,

Cristina Elena Negut – mother of a Globatic girl from Cronos High school”