Common values, the desire to grow and passion for education and multiculturalism brought together in 5 years of GROW 13.100 teenagers that enjoyed the GROW experience, 464 international trainers who delivered the sessions with dedication and enthusiasm, 172 coordinators and 1100 volunteers that made the project possible and brought smiles and good vibe in the the teenagers lives.

After this wonderful 5 years, we have celebrated the results and impact that the project had through GROW Summer Camp, which reunited the GROW family: teenagers – ambassadors, coordinators, trainees since 2010 to 2015, the initiators of the program and the most important national partners. For 5 days, we enjoyed an atmosphere full of energy, fun, friendship, personal development and thousands of wow moments. GROW camp was definetly an adventure worth sharing, so this is how we lived it:

grow summer camp jurnal

On the first day we slowly got to Saulia, we got to know each other and talked about the camp’s concept. We did icebreaker games, we shared life stories and talked about “The Hero’s Journey”. We ended the night with a debrief and a restful sleep.

The second day was about awareness, about understanding personal values and discovering the things that motivate us, helped by simulations and interactive games. In the middle of a sultry day we cooled off with a soundly water fight. After we gave life to Pendo Kingdom, where we learned what it means to take decisions in a society, to find yourself in different social groups with common values and to think in the long run.

On the third day we got up ready for action, anchored in the present, we got closer to the process of taking individual decisions by participating to the election of the GROW governor. For the rest of the day, the highschool students had the chance to choose from different workshops to participate in, with a wide range of topics from rugby, Greek dances or salsa to 2020 work abilities, what it means to be a volunteer, improvisation or fundraising.

tabara de vara adolescenti grow

The fourth day was deeply anchored in the future, because we stayed alone a little while and wrote “The Hero’s Story” for ourselves. We day dreamed, we made great plans regarding where we want to get in life and who we want to be. Then, to make the plans real, we divided into work groups and built the bases for multiple common projects that we want to make in society, courses, a new camp, each based on the dreams that started them and on the will to make them reality. The night ended with an amazing campfire, in front of which we transformed our fears in courage and grew wings for the future.

On the last day, day 5, we created the gallery of the “Hero’s journey” so we could all visualize our dreams, we watched short movies that have been made during the camp, we gave and received feedback, hugged, cried, laughed, said our goodbyes knowing we will still be connected and, therefore together, because we felt the GROW magic and because we are the GROW family.