The summer time is the official season for holidays, sunbathing, concerts and same time the best period for amazing selfies with your friends in order to capture all those happy moments. It’s that time of year when it’s expected that you have your smartphone on-hand at all times to capture each fun moment, smile and outfit of this summer.

But from the dozens of photos taken, just some of them, the best ones get to be admired, liked or loved by friends and family. And each of those published stories are photo-edited in different apps available at your fingertip or mostly the built-in Instagram filters.

In order to make your summer memorable, here are some tips on how to use the Instagram filters to get outstanding summer photos that will get you more and more friends and fans.

Beating your paleness

You just arrived at the sea and your pale skin doesn’t seem to go with the bright sun captured in each snapshot? Use the Valencia tone that are quite similar to that of your original, but add a warmer wash making the paleness disappear with a swipe.

Want to hide your blemishes

Use the Amaro filter to mask annoying blemishes that pop up in photos. The filter adds light to a picture, which washes out bumps and redness so your skin appears smooth.

You can sharp your features

If you are on the beach with no makeup on your face you can add definition to your features by applying Mayfair to photos. This warm filter brings out subtle contours and highlights you didn’t know you had to create a chiseled face and a photo ready to be published.

Long lasting makeup myth

Despite your best efforts to create a long lasting makeup, it can still wear off after a long day in a festival and time spent on the dance floor. Create a fresh face with X Pro II. This filter exaggerates warmth while darkening contours, so it will give your makeup an extra pop in ‘grams—no touch-ups required.

But no matter the filter you use to have perfect selfies if you go outside protect your skin with sunscreen. The sun’s effect is even greater in summer and you should always apply sun protection to your face and body. Even if it’s cloudy, can still put major stress on your skin.