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Contributions and donations

Through this site, donations can be made through which you will support the activities of the School of Values Association, as presented on the organization’s website,

Moreover, for certain events that require complex logistical support, a financial contribution from the participants may be required. When attending an event requires you to co-fund your participation, you will find in the event description all the details about the purchase to be made.

The payment for donations or co-financing of events can be done directly, by bank card and online payment or by bank transfer.

Online payments are processed through NETOPIA, who will process both the identity of the payer and the data required to make the payment provided by you. The data which will be provided to us by the payment processor are only the data necessary for the issuance of invoices and other documents specific to the purchase made (identity data of the payer, the bank account associated with the card with which the payment was made, details regarding the event for which the payment was made), the other data strictly necessary for the payment (such as the data of the card by which the payment was made) being processed securely only by the payment processor, without being made available to any other third party.

For certain products or services, the invoices and other documents resulting from the payment may be issued by SC SDV Education SRL, ONRC (or NTRO) J40 / 2557/2013, CUI (or URC) 31288770, based in Bucharest, Șoseaua Pipera Street 50A, 1st floor, office 15, Sector 2, telephone: + (40) 730135599 – partner and logistical supporter of some of the activities organized and carried out by the School of Values Association. The issuer of the payment documents will always be presented in the description of the events that require the payment of a participation fee, so that they can be known before the payment is made. Also, these details, as well as those regarding the price of participation fees, the organization of the event and the activities you will be able to participate in by paying this fee, as well as, where possible, the terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal, are partially presented on the site and will be completed by the documents confirming your registration and which we will provide before payment. You will then be able to make the payment. For this reason, we ask you to review all details provided in connection with the payments that are required to participate in certain events or activities, whether they are presented on the site or subsequently sent to you, in response to completing registration forms for events or activities that interest you.

Because the payment of the participation fee is made after the confirmation of the registration, when a series of logistical preparations have already been made and incurred expenses that are strictly dependent on the number of participants in the camp, in case of your withdrawal from the event or impossibility to participate, we can no longer refund participation fees already paid.

Protection of personal data

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Lack of Guarantee

The entire content of this site is subject to change and is provided to you “as it is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

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Use of this site is entirely in your account. The School of Values Association or any other party involved in the designing, producing or offering the site is not liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of this site or its content.

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Moreover, the School of Values Association does not authorize the content or any other products and services provided on such sites. If you enter through a link on such sites or on this site, you personally assume the risk, without the permission of the School of Values Association.

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