In terms of GROWing, self-confidence represents one of the most requested abilities to be improved among teenagers. And that’s not bad, but rather natural, because these are the years when one mostly seeks for approval and validation, especially across the different social circles they are part of. And for this reason, in GROW you will find sessions especially designed to tackle this topic.

In this Summer Edition, in order to offer participants an even more comprehensive experience in terms of boosting self-confidence, we joined forces with NIVEA, which made an objective from helping teenagers, in feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

Thus, we complemented the self-confidence sessions across the country with #likeyourself workshops, where youngsters had the chance to learn simple but effective tricks from the over 110-years long knowledge NIVEA gathered in skin care, tricks that can have a great and visible impact on the aspect of their skin, which naturally contributes to increasing self-love.

Alexandra Silav, Brand Manager at NIVEA, shared with us her experience from over 270 Romanian highschools where the #likeyourself workshops have been delivered, and she explained that most of the teenagers share the same challenges: the way they look like influences the way they feel about themselves, which further has an impact on the way they are perceived by others.

And whereas youth might feel very alone in confronting with this problem, in fact „teenagers from every generation go through the same experience: they have pimples or even acne, they don’t like the way they look like when waking up, they don’t like their hair or skin”, said Alexandra.

This is why, during the #likeyourself workshops delivered within the GROW program, the participants discovered more about the elements that contribute to self-trust, but also about self-care routine or what they can do for a more beautiful skin:

„We give them simple tricks they can apply at home, but we also tell them that it’s important to be themselves, to be natural. This is especially important for girls, who seem to always be in a competition of who looks better and it shouldn’t be about that”, explained Alexandra.

She also encouraged all highschool students to apply to GROW and other similar projects, because these learning contexts will help them on the long term.

„After going through such projects teenagers will no longer feel lost in finding the right path, but they will become confident youngsters, who know their strenghts and weaknesses, who know what they need and that will help them make the right choices in the future”.

You can also develop your self-confidence by participating in GROW – you can already sign up on the waiting list for GROW Winter by clicking here and we will make sure that you are the first one to find out when enrollment opens 😉

You can find out more about the #likeyourself campaign here and you can download the #likeyourself app from both App Store or Google Play.