For the second time a GROW trainer, Rocio shares with us her journey in this project, which we invite you to read below.

“This program offers an experience that makes you grow both personally and professionally.

I remember the feeling of nervousness before entering into the room where the participants were waiting for me. It disappeared almost instantly when I met their energy, their good vibes, their smiles and will to spend a great time. They made me feel as one of them. The sessions were great. We laugh during the games and connected during the reflection time. I had the chance to hang out with them. The closing was sad, but they wrote to me beautiful “sugar cube” notes.

The things I enjoyed the most at the GROW sessions were the dancing energizers, the funny representations and the connection during the debriefing time.

As a GROW trainer, I’ve learned that the teenagers have infinite energy and the best way to teach them is through a dynamic and fun mood, let them experiment and create a relaxed environment. Also, for being a good trainer you have to feel self-confident.

If GROW was a sweet…

it would be a Chupa Chups filled with chewing gum, because when you think the best has just finished, GROW surprises you and gives you more.

GROW is like a magic calculator. If you give 1, you will receive 4. Give a little of yourself and you will receive tons of affection and satisfaction. There are no words to describe how satisfied you feel when you receive the hugs and messages from your participants. Trust in yourself, fill your backpack with the best version of you and get ready for an amazing experience!”