While getting ready for another GROW edition and preparing the sessions, we wondered how are the former trainers doing. So we asked them to write down a message for you, the teenagers who participated in this project, in order to remember the beautiful moments spent together with them.

Hello, my beautiful GROW people! Do you remember me? Hope you do, because I will never forget you! You were my first true life experience and I still remember me being so terribly frightened when I first saw you. Anyway, you were the greatest teachers I’ve ever had! Our sessions inspire me now and I use the knowledge you gave me every day. It was you who showed me the real world was way too different from the one I imagined. You helped me to realize it was open and friendly and unique every minute of our lives. You were the ones who discovered and explored everything together with me. And those are the things I am extremely grateful for.

Yievheniia Misnik EV

I remember us dancing and laughing, I remember us crying and saying good-byes, promising we gonna see each other again and giving wonderful gifts to each other. And the most beautiful gift you brought me once was understanding the idea that “All of us are Global Citizens”.

At the moment I am a volunteer in The Ukrainian Center of Youth and I work with my Ukrainian teens. I organize speaking clubs and invite teenagers-foreigners to our sessions. And all the time people ask me to tell the secret of my successful and great speaking club sessions I recall you and all the fun we had!

Be happy, catch the moment and remember – we are all united, we are all citizens of the Earth, other trainers have bunch of interesting stuff to discover with you and GROW is the key to our friendship, mutual understanding and self-development. Love you, miss you, see you soon!

Yievheniia Misnik, Ukraine, GROW trainer Winter 2013