While getting ready for another GROW edition and preparing the sessions, we wondered how are the former trainers doing. So we asked them to write down a message for you, the teenagers who participated in this project, in order to remember the beautiful moments spent together with them.

One of the most beautiful moments in my GROW experience was meeting the different kind of participants with so much things in common with me, they made me discover the talent in me and I got very surprised of discovering my love for teaching someone else.

I learnt how to understand different cultures, public speaking and to know that I can achieve anything just wishing it. I also had the pleasure of making friends for a lifetime, because I still talk with some of my GROW teenagers.

For my participants, I really want to thank you for the time I spent with you during the sessions, extra activities and so on. I really want to be back and meet all of you again! My heart will be eternally in love of Romania thanks to you!

Iván Barragán, Mexico