While getting ready for another GROW edition and preparing the sessions, we wondered how are the former trainers doing. So we asked them to write down a message for you, the teenagers who participated in this project, in order to remember the beautiful moments spent together with them.

I could have never imagined that my experience in Romania would have that impact on my life. It was a journey of growth and empowerment for me. All the experiences that I had, all the friends that I made, all the stories that I shared and all the stories that I heard, everything had a positive impact on me and I believe that in most GROW participants too.

My experience in Craiova was intense and unforgettable. I learned that no matter where are you from or what is your culture background, we all face similar challenges in life. We all have our uncertainties, our fears and our personal challenges, but we cannot let anyone or anything stop us from following our dreams, passions or talents.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had and for the trust that AIESEC, the GROW Team and specially you guys (my Romanian friends) gave to me. GROW gave me tools, confidence and energy to fight harder for the things that I pursue for my life and career. So put your plans in action and fight for your things! BELIEVE in yourselves (I do) and you will go far! Thank you all so much! Best wishes! Pa!

Arthur Fachini, Brazil