Time for another GROW story! Pedro, one of our Erasmus volunteers from Spain, shares with us some impressions about his adventure as a GROW trainer.

GROW has been for me an unforgettable experience, both the training program and the sessions with the teenagers. During the training I learnt many things about how to be a good trainer, also things about others, but above all, I got to know myself better.

As a trainer, at first you feel fear and you don’t know if you can really teach something, but with the passing of time you feel more secure, more confident and you truly enjoy the experience. At the end, you realize how accomplished you feel, how you have really connected with the teenagers and see that they have learned something.

During the GROW sessions, I enjoyed observing the adolescents trying to complete the games, the debrifing sessions and the fact that I got to know the participants better.

As a GROW trainer, I’ve learnt to listen with more patience, to communicate my ideas more clearly, to better express myself. Also, I’ve practiced public speaking in English.

If GROW was a sweet, it would be a croissant, because the outside is crispy, like the first step to break the ice and enjoy the juicy filling, as GROW is an experience from which you learn many things. Like a good sweet, you remember it for a long time and you wouldn’t mind enjoying it again.

I would recommend the GROW project because it is a unique opportunity to learn to express yourself in English, to communicate better and to work in a team. You have the opportunity to teach useful things to young people and to make the world a better place with your little contribution.”