Why join GrowEdu as a participant?


Self-confidence will be your middle name. You will gain trust in your strengths and become willing to go the extra mile to achieve better things.

Boost Life Skills

Boost your life skills and get ready for adulting! You get a fresh perspective over public speaking, teamwork, communication, relationship management and much more.


How’s the life in Mexico, Malaysia or Taiwan? You don’t need to pack and buy a plane ticket to visit exotic places. You can get to know the multicultural flavour directly from your international trainers.

Learning & Fun

LEARNING and FUN? A perfect match! You will develop practical skills through exercises, games and other interactive activities, during some animated online workshops.

English Brushing

Your English is not very good looking? The GrowEdu workshops are delivered in English, so you have the chance to practice it with exciting subjects.


Your vibe attracts your tribe! During GrowEdu, you make new friends from across Europe, without leaving your hometown.


You bring a change in your community through the #CommunityChallenges projects.

GrowEdu Camp is international

You become part of a GROWzav international community and enjoy the effervescent atmosphere of GrowEdu Camp, in an online learning environment.

The GrowEdu Participant is...

  • >> 14-19-year old
    >> In high school
    >> English speaker – A2 level or higher
    >> Passionate about personal development, acquiring new skills, multiculturality and communication
    >> Interested in contributing to projects
    >> Involved in competitions and extracurricular activities in fields like debate, robotics, IT, art, music etc.
    >> Eager to „taste” the world and study abroad
    >> Interested in doing something for his/ her future career

How to apply as a participant

Once you are ready to apply, follow the steps below.

1. Complete the online application form

Apply for GrowEdu Camp through its dedicated page. Pick your partners and make sure every team member completes the form. We strongly advise you to apply as a team (3 to 5 members). If you don't have a team yet, don't worry.Join our Facebook community and get to know your new teammates.

2. Submit the application form

Remember to send the video and the materials required in the form to growcamp@scoaladevalori.ro. We won't be able to process your application fully until we have received everything we need.

3. Await our response

We acknowledge your application by email within 24 hours, including any further information regarding your participation in GrowEdu Camp.

4. Pay the fee

To book your place at the GrowEdu Camp you need to pay a contribution.The best part is that if you join as a team, each member will get a discount. Find out more below

How much

GrowEdu Camp 2020

Early Bird fee
(until September 18th, 2020, inclusive)

      • // Individual Participation: 229 Euro/person
    PAY NOW!
    • // Group Participation (minimum 3, maximum 5 person):189 Euro/ person

Deadline to Register: September 18th

Standard fee (from September 24th, 2020)

      • // Individual Participation: 249 Euro/person
    PAY NOW!
    • // Group Participation (minimum 3, maximum 5 person):
      219 Euro/ person

Deadline to Register: October 9th

Become a GrowEdu Ambassador


  • GrowEdu is one of the experiences that can change anyone’s point of view. From funny and educational games to questions that makes us all wonder about our future, we have learnt a lot not only about ourselves, but also about the world around us and how can we influence it. Teamwork, leadership, communication, these are the things that we will always need and that we practiced at GrowEdu. For me, GrowEdu is the perfect example of how school should actually be like because at GrowEdu, we are not taught something, we are involved into every activity that can help us grow.
    Doriana, GrowEdu participant from Slobozia
  • Being a participant to GrowEdu for two editions has taught me these two main things: to have more self confidence and to communicate to others. By communicating I include making new friends, learning teamwork and having fun with people that are like me, without knowing them for that long. GrowEdu is unique, unlike any other project because it's a very friendly environment and it makes you feel comfortable. Even if you're shy (like I was in the beginning) you'll get over it without even realizing it, because the trainers won't force you to do anything you don't want, but at the same time they make sure that everyone is included. After GrowEdu, I feel more confident, and more able to speak in public. It helped me get over my social anxiety. In one sentence: GrowEdu is learning while having fun. I'm looking forward to be an ambassador the next edition!
    Denisa, GrowEdu participant from Oradea
  • My GrowEdu experience was anything but boring. It offered me the opportunity to challenge myself in order to become a more complex person, and also to meet a lot of smart and like-minded people, that I can now call my friends. GrowEdu is also the embodiment of the balance between fun and hard work, and I encourage everyone to become a part of this ever growing community.
    Iulia, GrowEdu participant from Brasov
  • The whole GrowEdu experience was unforgettable from start to finish. Not only have I learnt more about others, but I have also managed to understand myself and improve skills in the fields of communication, time management, teamwork or choice matters. I gained the confidence of taking action when I have to and to speak my mind up more easily. Most of all, I understood how powerful the desire and will of making something happen are, thus giving me the motivation of always getting involved in such activities.
    GROW participant from Calarasi
  • GrowEdu was really amazing. I had the occasion to learn things that will help me a lot in the future. When I think about the sessions, the people I met there and the trainers, I get tears in my eyes because they changed my life and my perception in a good way. I have a lot of nice memories and I'm very proud because now I'm a part of GrowEdu family. I'm really thankful for every single person who made my experience to be the best thing that happened to me. Thank you for everything!  ”
    GROW participant from Alba-Iulia
  • The greatest challenge was to open up in front of everybody else, to communicate with them. I went through a lot of different feelings: fear, insecurity, but they soon turned into trust, happiness and pride for participating in the GrowEdu project. I learned to save money, to invest in the things with the greatest value, how to think of everybody else and not just me, to collaborate. I think GrowEdu is different because it puts you through different situations you have to handle and because it connects people. For me, it's the experience I would repeat endlessly.
    Eliana Cristina
    GROW participant from Pitesti
  • I'm SO GLAD I attended GrowEdu because it helped me realize that we are all the same, no matter the culture, religion or whatever, and that, even when there are differences, we can achieve goals as great as changing young people's perception. For me GrowEdu was such a nice experience: I met new friends, I improved my self-confidence and I really loved getting involved in the community through the challenges we created.
    GROW participant from Bucharest
  • I practiced and developed my teamwork skills, I learned how to be more tolerant and understanding with people's opinions and I went a step further by creating new friends and trying to overcome my fear of speaking my mind. I met a lot of genuinely kind, cool people, especially the trainers, and I hope to be a part of the GrowEdu team again anytime soon.
    GROW participant
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