Some weeks ago I was co-organizer and trainer / facilitator at a conference that I value a lot, called simply Train the Coordinators – a conference where a new generation of coordinators from the GROW project, now in its 13th edition, gather for five days, during which they learn, practice, evolve and self-motivate, enabling their soul “engines” and their latent leadership skills. Thirteen coordinators – students members of AIESEC, former GROW participants that decided to accept the challenge.

“The learning process” was perfectly built by the organizing team, after hours and hours of analysis and brainstorming, so that the GROW coordinators would return to their cities and set up a new edition of GROW, a new wave of internationalism accompanied by enthusiastic students and more excitement mixed with craziness.

The conference’s days have been full of complex sessions and the nights were enriched by informal gatherings with the coordinators, who despite the fatigue met and shared the GROW emotion and the “wow moments” of the previous editions or the ambitious plans for the edition that is about to begin.


I witnessed the transformation of some people into responsible and determined individuals, I saw the light in the leaders’ eyes turning on, once they received a direction, a purpose; I heard ideas and plans stated with pride and determination.

At the end of the conference, I was exhausted and deprived of energy, but after several days of peace and quiet I felt an enormous GRATITUDE. All my life I wanted to make a difference in the world and that was the moment when I thought “I think I’m on the right track.”

GROW has always been a project that has given me the greatest challenges and after only a year of being part of GROW, the challenges flow and shape me into a better version of myself, a GROWzav one. Thank you! It’s great to see the metamorphosis of butterflies (coordinators) in the GROW reality. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Cristina Cojocaru, GROW Manager Assistant