It’s time for another GROW story! William from Costa Rica, former trainer in Pitesti, tells us his impressions about the project and the whole GROW experience.

Because sometimes the destiny has amazing things waiting for us…

I came here almost for casualty. I wasn’t sure about what internship to choose, so when I received the mail about GROW I decided to give it a chance. I read the description and I thought it was interesting and kind of different from other projects, so I start the enrollment process. Since everything was going on wheels with that, I didn’t look for other projects and soon I was in the plane in my way here.

I arrived almost at midnight and reached the dorms that would be my home during 6 weeks close to 1am. At first sight, everything looked sad and messy and I still remember the fear in my soul during the first night. “I want to go back home” I thought and that was the last time that I thought about going back. I started to meet the other trainers and the AIESEC members and suddenly I started to feel like I had found a new home and a new family.

I wasn’t sure about what I would do in the sessions, but the 5TC started and I began to understand what I was supposed to do. I got really close to the other trainers from Pitesti and with our AIESEC team, and at the same time I met lots of people from different places all around the world. That was the first time that I really felt what was GROW about.

Back in Pitesti I finally saw snow for the first time in my life and while playing with it in the company of the other trainers, I felt closer to them. We had the opening session and I got a little bit scared about the big amount of teens that were there, but once it finished we had a snow fight and I felt so relax and happy with them that I knew everything would be perfect.

The sessions began and most of the participants got close to me and the other trainers, not just during the sessions, but also during lunches or dinners or simply walks through the city. And with every session that passed we got more and more attached together. We talked about everything and even if we didn’t have too much time we knew each other in a really complex way.

Now that the project is almost finishing and I’ve started to think about the good bye, I just realize how fast a group of people can take an important place inside my heart and my mind. This place, this people and these moments are so deeply inside my soul that I’ll never be able to forget any single detail.

I’m sure that I will be back here. I don’t know if it will be soon or not, but I know that I can’t keep leaving without coming back and meet again all the wonderful people that have taken a big part of my heart.

Te iubesc, Romania!