It’s time for another great GROW story! Remember Rodolfo? Today he tells us what GROW meant to him and what he learned from this adventure:

The first thing I want to say about GROW is that I was terrified before starting the sessions and I was not sure if I could do it! After my first group I became more confident, because the guys were amazing! I kept on providing the sessions and day in, day out everything became better and better. I enjoyed every session with every group. The biggest challenge I had to face was my 5th group, which was huge (24 students) and for me was hard to provide sessions to them, but it was also funny.

From this experience I learned that I can do things I never thought I could do, like providing sessions, and I´m so pleased about it! All the sessions were amazing, the students were awesome, but the moments I love the most were the outside activities with the teenagers.

The majority of the teenagers was great since the first sessions, I had problems with a part of them, but after some workshops I could manage to get along with all of them and it was great. At the end, they were not only my students, we became great friends and now I miss them so much 🙁

My feelings about Romania are great. I had good expectations before taking the internship, but everything was so much better that I had imagined. The people are awesome and there are some really-really amazing places, like Brasov, that I will never forget.

If someone asked me about Romania,  you can be sure I would say it is the second best country (the first is México) in the whole world. I felt in love with Romania!!!