This winter, GROW collected lot of smiles, life lessons, friends, fun events and got to know cultures like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria etc. thanks to the 32 international trainers who were the teenagers’ “guides” in the adventure of self-discovery. We invited them to share their impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole experience.

“Hi, I’m Priscila! I am a very responsible person, optimistic, happy, dedicated and also a little individualistic, regarding to having my space and my time alone. I really love routine and a stable life. On the other hand, I love hanging out with friends and family, in fact I’m very stuck to my family. I like listening to music, eating sweets, watching movies and series and also I love English and helping people (and listening to them).

I am from Brazil and the things I appreciate the most about my country are the weather and the people. I really love my country, mostly because all the people I love are there. The touristic places are so beautiful and the food very tasty!


I had the preference of coming to Europe because it was my dream and also I wanted to go to a country where the only way of communication was English.

I have learnt many things in GROW: I got to know myself better, I can speak in public without freaking out, I improved my presentation skills, my English, the skill of facilitate. I learnt how to face troubles calmly, be solution oriented, be more patient dealing to other people, I pushed myself to put me in the others’ shoes so I can understand them. I am improving my creativity, learning how to design sessions, how to find different solutions when you need people and they don’t help, also being less self sufficient and know that I need people, ask people help without feeling bad and mainly that life is about people, not places, money, material things.

Romanian people are friendly, even if they can’t understand you they will try to communicate and help. The country itself if so beautiful, full of richness regarding to architecture, views and people. “