After this winter’s great GROW-ing adventure, we wanted to find out the impressions of our international trainers about their experience. The first who shares with us her feelings about the GROW project and Romania is Lulu, from China, who was a trainer in Craiova.

Eight weeks ago I had finished my final exam in my university and packed everything to fly to Romania. Actually, I didn’t set any high expectations about my trip, but I was thinking that this experience would surprise me.

There is no doubt that GROW is the best project I have ever took part in. The six weeks I spent in GROW became the most special episode in my life. It not only made my students ‘grow’, but also myself.

At first, it was very hard for me to deliver sessions in English in an active way for such a long time. That was the biggest challenge for me, because my English was not that good. I have a strong Asian accent and I was afraid that my students would not understand me. But, luckily, I did it! I am so thankful for my dear students because they were so nice and friendly. When I felt nervous on the stage, they looked at me and encouraged me with their eyes.

I appreciate that we are trainers or friends for our students instead of teachers. Our teaching method is innovative and interesting. Usually, we teach our students through games or practice. It is an impressive way of teaching. For me I think it is better than just talking on the stage because we can interact with them. We always give students the chance to talk and let them express their opinions. Every student in my session had the chance to talk in front of us. I still remember the first time they spoke on the stage. At that time, they were so nervous and shy! But after several sessions, their  speaking skills in front of an audience improved.

I love my students because they are not only my students, but also my friends. We used to hang out after sessions and we shared laugh, tears, jokes…. There were lots of happy moments we shared. We went to the cafe, KFC, park, bowling etc. We had a very fun time which I will never forget!

Beside my students, I’m glad that I met my teammates: Clarabelle, Gregorio and Rina. In those 6 weeks we were together almost all the time. They are amazing people and I am so grateful that I had the chance to work and learn from them! They inspired me a lot, which made me become more confident and outgoing. I miss them now, but I hope we’ll have chance to meet again.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that GROW is an awesome project, especially the sessions’ topics are interesting and useful. The people I met here, including my students, teammates & OC team made my experience wonderful. I will take all the great memories with me and never forget them!