Lucia, from Slovakia, shares with us her feelings about the GROW experience:

When you come back home from this internship, it is the first time when you start to realize all your impressions, what you experienced and how much you miss now all the things from Romania. Everything is inside of you and sometimes it is difficult to express it. Even if you are absolutely happy and satisfied, there is a small part in your heart that will be sad forever. Sad because you had to leave a country which became your second home, people who became your new family and job, who helped you every day to get out of the comfort zone.

luciaAlmost every day when I woke up, there was a new challenge for me. To go and deliver 10 different sessions, in different language, for different groups of students and deal with six different cultures? Not easy, but I do not do things because they are easy. 🙂

Like all of the interns I think, I improved my presentation skills, language, I got a bigger picture about people and culture in Romania. However, the most important thing for me is that I learnt a lot about myself and now I can listen better to my inner voice. This is why I consider these 6 weeks as a life changing experience.

The most beautiful moments were those which made me smile and laugh… wait, that is impossible to count. 🙂

The interaction with the teenagers was amazing! In the beginning, it was the thing I was the most afraid of. However, they were those who made the internship for us. They were also trainers for me, their ideas and opinions made me think differently and I learnt from them a lot. They were the reason to wake up in the morning and hold on.

As many people have some prejudices about Romania and for Europeans it is not such an attractive country, I would clarify them how beautiful country it is and how amazing cities and places you can find there. And in the end as one motto says “It does not matter where you are, but with who you are”, I truly believe in this. People are those who make a country. And I consider Romania as country full of friendly people with nice and warm hearts, always ready to help with everything and in any language. Easily to sum up, you have to visit it to believe how impressive this country can be.