Another colorful GROW edition is almost over! This winter, GROW collected lot of smiles, life lessons, friends, fun events and got to know cultures like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria etc. thanks to the 32 international trainers who were the teenagers’ “guides” in the adventure of self-discovery. We invited them to share their impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole experience.

lia“I am Lia, a girl passionate about challenges. Determined, hard worker, talkative, confident and friendly are the adjectives to describe myself. I love travelling, making new friends and keeping in contact with the old ones. I am from Brazil and love the atmosphere there. The (warm) weather, the friendly people, the good food and carnival are my favorite things in Brazil.

I decided to be a GROW trainer after looking for something to do during my vacation that would help me to develop myself and grow as a person. I saw many AIESEC projects and GROW got my attention because of the preparation of the trainers and also because of the contact with Romanian teenagers. I feel that I can learn so much from them, as we talk about everything and we have many things in common or not. On the other hand, facilitating the development of their skills is a pleasure for me.

From this experience I learnt how to make quick decisions under pressure, how to act facing unpredictable facts, how to manage people and resources, how to plan activities and anticipate situations… It is all very intense and truthful. If the activity works, well. If it does not work, we have to do something quickly in order to fix it and make it work while the participants are there expressing their feelings and opinions. You have to deal with the problem, the resources and the people all at the same time. And this requires something that in Brazil we call “jogo de cintura”, which basically means that we should be flexible.

If someone from my country asks me about Romania, the first thing that I would say is that Romanians are as Latin as we are. Because sometimes I see that Brazilians and Romanians are so similar in the way of talking, making friends, greeting others and also parting. And in Brazil most people think that we have nothing in common. Even the language has some words in common, which is great!”