It’s time for another GROW story! Francina from Argentina tells us her impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole GROW experience.

GROW is an incredible project full of knowledge, preparation, culture, sharing, learning, skill development. It’s a project that made me realize that a better world is possible and it depends on us.

francina cSome challenges I’ve faced as a GROW trainer were: trying to have fun and at the same time being a professional trainer, teaching in a another language, trying to work as a team with my co-worker and understanding different ways to teach. I think that now we’re more open minded and tolerant/patient to work in a global environment.

From this experience, I’ve learnt that life is beautiful because of the people we meet. Nothing is impossible, you can do whatever you want if you are committed and you do your work with passion. If there’s no challenge, there’s no change. It’s amazing to meet and work with people from different countries in order to understand more about them and be more tolerant and patient. I learnt more about my culture, because when you have to share things from your country you start to remember things that maybe you had forgotten.

The most beautiful moments I’ve lived in this project were shouting with the students “vamos, vamos, Argentina…”, the session about values, sharing different food from different countries, the breaks and the outside meetings

The interaction with the teenagers was amazing!!!! They are awesome! They are so mature and you can talk about everything with them!

If someone from my country asks me about Romania, I would say to him that it’s an amazing country, with lovely people, with a similar economic reality like Argentina. Europe is not only France, Italy etc.