After this great GROW summer edition, we wanted to find out the impressions of our international trainers about their experience in our country. The first who shares with us her feelings about the GROW project and Romania is Elissavet, from Greece.

elissavetI still have all the memories and emotions fresh in my mind, as it has been only a few days that I am back home, but I am sure that I will remember this trip for a long time to come.

GROW for me became a lesson for life and Romania like a home.

Of course there were a lot of challenges, but they made us stronger and brought us closer. We found out how to become a team, 6 people from every corner of this world that cooperated and kept together and laughed and became very good friends. We learnt how to problem-shoot and make decisions, plan ahead and succeed in anything we took up. Besides, life is a challenge itself.

The most beautiful moments were with my friends and with our students. We went out together a lot, they showed me so many aspects of the Romanian culture and history and made me love our city without realizing it.

My 5 friends that taught me a new meaning for the words teamwork, support, friendship were wonderful and I thank them for making this trip so incredible to me. We now have so many inside jokes as if we knew each other for years. We laughed so much and lived together so much for such a short time that nevertheless filled me up and made me feel whole.

It has been the most memorable trip that I have ever had, because it offered me everything that I have ever imagined and even more. If someone had told me how much I would cry at the end of it, I wouldn’t have possibly imagined it.

Romania is a beautiful country with amazing people. If you are willing to open up and get to know them without prejudice, you will be embraced and have a wonderful time and this is why I am definitely going back.