This winter, GROW collected lot of smiles, life lessons, friends, fun events and got to know cultures like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria etc. thanks to the 32 international trainers who were the teenagers’ “guides” in the adventure of self-discovery. We invited them to share their impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole experience.

caio“My name is Caio, I’m 19 years old. My passion since I was a kid is airplane and mostly the airline market, the logistics beyond it and all the dynamics involving this “world”. That’s the main reason why today I study Business and I’m willing to have some specializations in this area. I describe myself as a very optimistic person, I had lots of hard moments in my life, but I always try to see them in the best way possible. I’ve already had many moments which I could just say “ok, let’s give up and move ahead” but it was never that way, so what I can say about myself is that I hardly give up on things.

I’m originally from São Paulo (Brazil) but today I live in Viçosa for studying, and my parents live in Belém, in the Amazon forest, almost 3000 km away, so I’m always between these cities. What I mostly appreciate about my country is the diversity, not only because of its size, but if you travel from south to north everything changes – how people look like, the food, the climate, the way people speak of treat each other. It is really funny because it’s if I lived in different countries at the same time. Also, I appreciate the fact that we have plenty of natural resources, consequently being a huge potential for the future generations in terms of energy and use of renewable energies – all we need is to enhance our capabilities.

I was already pretty sure about GROW, of course, before that I had already decided that I would like to live an experience in Europe. I looked for so many places and projects but I didn’t find anything like it, extremely organized and well structured, with all the goals set, it just amazed me! I also would like to develop myself as a leader, having the ability to express myself better in another language and be able to inspire many persons around me.

The best moments for me were when after the sessions, the participants came and say that we changed their day. The recognition of a good job reminds me that I’m following the right way.

I have learnt so many things from this experience! I learned how to live with different people. For example, living with people from so many distant places like China, South Korea and Indonesia was one of the best points, it showed me how diverse we are, but at the same time, we can be deeply connected with the most simple things. I learned that I can be myself in front of many people and that it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

If someone ask me about Romania, I will just tell him/her how wonderful it is and also that he/she should come on spring or summer. If in the winter is so lovely, I can’t even imagine in the other seasons, simply amazing!”