This winter, GROW collected lot of smiles, life lessons, friends, fun events and got to know cultures like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria etc. thanks to the 32 international trainers who were the teenagers’ “guides” in the adventure of self-discovery. We invited them to share their impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole experience.

Hi, my name is Azzahra Adnina Namira Ginting, but you can call me Azzahra or Adzka. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Indonesia. I can tell  that I’m really ambitious about what’s going in my life and if I want something I’ll do anything to get that. I’m a reliable person, if I don’t like it or I can’t do it I’ll never say “yes”, but if someone asks me for help (especially family and best friends) I’ll do anything, even at midnight! That’s why my best friends call me “mom”, because I really care for others’ feelings and I really like to be protective. I enjoy talking to other people and listening to their problems, that’s why I can get easily to talk with a stranger. I’m a very, very sensitive person.

azzahra adnina

I really wanted to be a volunteer so when I saw GROW and read its goals I said to myself that this project is what I need.


I’m a shy person and Public Speaking was a challenge, but now I’m really confident to talk in front of people and to express my ideas.

The most beautiful moment I have experienced thanks to GROW was seeing snow for the first time! Also, I meet a lot of people really interested in my culture. The best experience was when the students hugged me and said that my sessions were great.