Another colorful GROW edition has finished! This winter, GROW collected lot of smiles, life lessons, friends, fun events and got to know cultures like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, Algeria etc. thanks to the 32 international trainers who were the teenagers’ “guides” in the adventure of self-discovery. We invited them to share their impressions about the project, about Romania and the whole experience.

“I really like meeting new people, making friends and living new experiences. Since I was in elementary school, my friends have always said to me that I’m nice to people and flexible. I find it easy to adjust myself to new environments and make new friends. Also, since I was a kid, I have been taught by my parents to be mature and wise in thinking, independent and responsible.


I’m from Indonesia, a big country with 17,504 islands; each one has its language and culture. Also, in Indonesia you will find 5 religions (Moeslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddha & Confucius), which makes my country very rich of cultures. That’s one of the things that I appreciate, the “Unity in Diversity” – we are many of kinds but we are one. This is the essential, despite ethnic, regional, social or religious differences. We respect each other and our differences makes us one.

andi yaumil

I chosed GROW because the job description was excellent and actually it was very challenging because I am a teenager and I had to deliver some sessions to teenagers too.

I learnt a lot of things during this project. From the conference, I learnt how to speak in front of people, how to design a session and make it an interesting one and how to manage my time. I also made friends from different countries. From the sessions I learnt to be very honest to everybody, I became more flexible and I got to understand people around me. I liked that my participants were curious about my country, my religion and also about myself. They took me to some nice places around the city.

If you want to volunteer, Romania is a right choice! The people in GROW really take care about the project and they organize it very well. Romanians are kind and welcoming.”