We hit the road the morning of June 11.

Together with other 84 volunteers from Mures, we begin our journey to Cluj, to the Color Run Tropicolor. We were very enthusiastic and if you were to measure the excitement through improvised methods, perhaps it could be estimated to be twice as large compare to our noise intensity (significant for the other citizens).

casi-tarleaIt was my second participation as a volunteer at The Color Run. This time, I looked at the bustle from behind the Accreditation office. The people were eager, curious, happy, excited or all of these combined, in most cases.

My analysis of all those who were waiting, ready to have fun, lasted exactly until the first start. Overwhelmed by an enthusiasm that was now four times higher than in the morning, I infiltrated into the heart of Unirii Square, overwhelmed by rhythms, faces, souls, emotions, friends, surrounded by GROW colleagues, who obviously lived the same inner turmoil. My job was completed, so I conscientiously decided to stay there until the last musical note amplified by the speakers.

Every time I was asked how it was for me this Color Run edition, I used the same list of keywords:

Happiness, lots of happiness, giggles and laughter, huge smiles, playful colors everywhere, in my hair, my eyelids and my soul, flowers, exotic, young tropical air, love, dance, fun, spontaneity, naturalness, a state of intense excitement, disconnection from the routine and connection to our old state of pure innocence and joy and everything that goes into the “pot” of positive things, often neglected, people running, people dancing, people coming and going, relaxed or exalted, spices, kindness, childhood, music and memories.

I think this is all about. To run at the Happiest 5K On The Planet and remember that it’s just a boost to see happiness in small things.

Article written by Casi Tarlea, volunteer at The Color Run – Cluj-Napoca