Behind closed doors, there’s whispers and rumors about a new edition of GROW that’s about to happen in January. Have you heard about it? Apparently, GROWizzards have come together from all over the country to prepare the magic potion for GROW Academy 2k18 in order for you to get that #GROWexperience glow. They created the perfect combo between the fun factor and the learning experience and YOU are the last ingredient they need. Are you ready to meet your LPM and dive into the multicultural gold pot?

Raluca, Iasi

Craziness, adventure, LOL. That’s GROW.

How did I become an LPM? It’s quite funny. I never thought that I can do this, but when I received an email from the National Team that they were looking for new candidates, I rushed to complete my data, I did it without thinking.

I love that I am even closer, the closest to the heart of this project. I love it, because I know that I can improve myself and other 200 teens in Iasi. I believe in GROW because it changed so many lives. My ambassadors are my friends, and it’s lovely to spend time with these awesome teens.

The biggest challenge as an LPM was to organize myself and talk to so many teachers and important people. This was probably my biggest fear, because it’s a 50% chance to ruin things up.

Now I understand how my parents feel. It’s harder that just doing homework, it’s like a constant voice that reminds you that you have more stuff to work on. I became more organized and I know how to talk to my parents now. :))

My perfect part of the project is when all things are fresh, when the participants meet their trainers and we get to know each other.

Through the people I met, I’ve learned that I’m not alone and I’m not the only one that has problems. And now I know that somewhere in the world, I have a person that would help me no matter what.

A funny thing that happened to me during the promo was that a teacher knew so many things about GROW, that he technically did the presentation in front of the class. He was so excited that we came to his class, that he said to all of the students that this is a super duper awesome opportunity that they must take.