Not a day without a smile, not a winter without GROW. And there’s people who are working on it. Working on making you happy, delivering the best learning experience and helping you to achieve your truly great potential. Because there are people out there who believe in having fun while developing life skills, making friends in unexpected situations and GROWing by taking contact with a multicultural environment. These people have put together every experience, thought and belief in GROW Academy 2k18 and you are about to meet one of them: Mihai, LPM in Toplita.

Mihai, Toplita

For me, GROW means fun, work and learn. I believe in this project because I saw its impact on people. The experience is somehow indescribable, because it’s kind of a personal project and everyone processes the information for themselves through their own filter. The people I met through GROW made me feel like I am able to do more and I can become a game-changer and a DO-er.

My favorite part of the project are the events where you can find a bunch people in the same location doing something constructive in a funny way.

How did I become an LPM?

One afternoon I received a message from someone saying “Don’t you want to apply for the LPM position? It’s nice, easy and you’d have an interesting experience.” I had the interview with Cristina (my worst interview, I was so nervous that I started to say lots of things that weren’t supposed to go out of my mouth) and after a few days of waiting, I received an email saying that that I have been given the position.

As an LPM I feel like I can help other people GROW, as I did. Thanks to this project, I gained valuable experience in certain domains that I didn’t manage so well before and I have learned a lot of new information about the organisational part of a project. On the other hand, I had to face rejection, I had to accept that not everyone is interested in this kind of projects and I don’t have to be upset about that.

This role is taking a lot of my free time, but it is also helping me in new ways – this was my moment of development when I had to GROW and get over my vanity to be able to make things happen.

My team and I

I love sharing my experience with my team and with other people in a nice scenery. I work with some friends (we are like a small gang of 7 people) because I know what they can do, and I know that after delegating them with a task, I don’t really need to check it they’ll do it. We hang out a lot, especially during weekends, when we have some free time.