GROW Summer 2016 takes place in 10 Romanian cities, where the magic is delivered by a happy organizing team, headed by a Local Project Manager (LPM). Today we present you Theo, the GROWzav LPM from Iasi!

I am Theo Smile, as my friends use to call me. I was born 21 years ago in Iasi, in a family who teached me 3 “how”s  : how to deal with life, how to discover my values, believe and never forget them and how to do everything with love and passion for people and actions.

theo smile

If you ask why “Theo Smile”, it all began with a healthy problem which turned into something that represents me 100% in a good way and I hope it will be for life. I like to smile a lot, to  laugh and make others laugh. I’m seeing the quote “be happy” as a job in my life and even if I have my moments, I find the good in everything and I share with my friends. Together with this, I can say I am an optimistic person, with a lot of energy, hungry by the challenges that help me to discover myself better and be surrounded by people with beautiful minds and souls, together with whom I learn, I laugh, I cry, I suffer, I share and co. :)). In my free time, I’m a professional dreamer, who likes to put a lot of creativity in everything and I see myself in the future, having my own business and working with my specific dedication for artists.

I started discovering my first passion by learning to keep a pencil in my hands at 3 years old and trying my skills on the wall. It all seems to be a future in #drawing and #painting. And that was the beginning of years full of creativity with colors in my hands and papers talking about my childhood, my feelings, my emotions and my dreams and desires.

Also, at 2-3 years old, meanwhile my parents was trying to teach me walk, but with hard results, I was standing up by my own, supported by a chair and start #dancing, everytime the „Macarena„ song was playing.  The years after, were full of hard trainings in the practice room, local and national contests and shows and it begin to be a lifestyle. At the beginning I was doing social dances. Now I have 7 years of Street Dance at Quasar Dance Crew and I still don’t see the day I will give up at dance. I’m breathing by dancing, I express myself and my feelings better that I’m talking, sometimes, I’m dancing home when I walking at the kitchen, at the bathroom, when I prepare for going out or before an important event. As a dancer and a form of lifestyle, I say loudly that „I dance to express, not to impress”.

I also like #reading. If anyone could pay me for reading all my life, I would give up at my job :)). And I like travelling a lot, the only problem being to find enough money for my crazines :D.

Last, but not least, the newest passion is #organizing events/projects. It’s the way that I can put together all the „pieces of Theo” that were created in 21 years old. But I will talk more about it at the next questions.

I am very lucky and proud to say I participated at the first edition of GROW, when the project was organised just in 3 cities and then I discovered how impactful this project could be. I had a chance to meet a student from New Delhi and find out more about the Indian culture, but also, I made friends for life and I have wonderful memories with them and together we passed by a couple of weeks of deep introspection and practices for discovering ourselves better by sessions.

When I joined AIESEC, 3 months later, the positions for the project manager of Summer GROW 2014  was opened and when I saw it, I new what I want to do next!! Be part of the process of creating the best edition of GROW in Iasi, until then. I made it! I applied, I was selected, and what was next, it changed my life. It helped me to discover what I want to do in my life and how to follow my dreams and never give up. I became more confident and I developed my skills and I think I achieved the purpose of GROW!!

local project managers grow summer 2016

After 1 edition of GROW as a participant, 1 edition as Project Manager in Iasi in 2014, 3 editions after this, of observing the evolution and improvements, I decided to accept the challenge of being once again the Local Project Manager because of the participants and of my new ideas of taking the project at a next level in Iasi. I’m not so old, I’m almost the same age as the participants and that’s a great advantage because I know how they think and their expectations from the project and I put myself in their shoes everytime. In all this years, I grew with GROW and with the participants and my actions are their mirror of my evolution , but it’s a higher feeling to see how the participants grow with GROW and you meet them after 1 or 2 years or more and they tell you about the persons they became and you see by yourself through actions. That’s the moment when you realize all your work was worthed and you know you did something wright with your life and in your life.

I believe that I can make, with the help of the ambassadors and trainers, a new unforgettable editions of GROW and I can be a #GameChanger for a better&bigger community of GROW in Iasi.

My message for the GROW students and trainers: 

Dear participants,

I’m talking to you as an ex participant. It’s an unbelievable experience. Maybe you are at the first edition, maybe not, but everytime, at each edition, you have something new to learn about, you have the chance to meet new international students with different cultures and make friends and memories for life. This is a change that you have right here, at one step in front of you. I can’t force you to take this experience because I want so, but I challenge you to meet at the sessions and discuss more about GROW and my experience. No one will  force you to do something you don’t want, but it’s up to you how you’ll spend your teenage time and how you prepare for your future, what actions you’ll do for achieving your dreams, when it will be the right time to start doing something you are afraid about and who do you want to be in life.

As for me, I promise I’ll give 150% of my energy and work for an amazing GROW Summer 2016 edition. 😀

See you at the sessions!

Dear trainers,

I already knew some of the future participants. They can’t wait to meet you and share with them things from your country and  about your culture and fave fun together. They are full of energy and they are preparing for you, here, a warm atmosphere, something that define each GROW participant. You’ll be amazed by our culture and traditions too, I’m sure you’ll spend a qualitative time here, in Iasi.  From the feedback of ex trainers, we heard that they enjoyed the time here, so we will do our best for you  to never forget, in a good way, hahaaaa, this experience. We will have sessions together, but events, fun and get to know each other time too.

Prepare your diary and make sure you have enough space for photos 😀

See you in Romania!