GROW Summer 2016 takes place in 10 Romanian cities, where the magic is delivered by a happy organizing team, headed by a Local Project Manager (LPM). Today we present you Catalin, the GROWzav LPM from Cluj-Napoca!

My name is Catalin, I am a really talkative person, full of energy, an extrovert and the type that makes a lot of jokes. I come from the beautiful city of Sibiu, but now I am studying economics in Cluj-Napoca. I am a really caring person, and the type who loves to help and to develop projects and people.

Poza CataLike a lot of people, I like to spend time with my friends and family, watching TV series from now and then, and video games. But, there are more. Such as learning and participating in non-formal learning environments, where I learn more and with that information I can go and help people develop themselves. That is what I really love.

I knew about GROW from the volunteers of AIESEC Sibiu. I participated at one of their projects and they told us there that there will be another project. I tried it, I loved it, and than I went for another edition

I was many times part of this project, both as participant and as organizer. Everytime the project was different and new, and I always learned from it. My main motivation of being a local project manager is that I want to give back and help others grow.

My message for the GROW participants: This is a great place where you can learn and share what you know, so fell free to ask and to give!