GROW Summer 2016 takes place in 10 Romanian cities, where the magic is delivered by a happy organizing team, headed by a Local Project Manager (LPM). Today we present you Andrei, the GROWzav LPM from Galati!

Ciao! I present myself as being a traveler through life, a collector of experiences, a builder who uses each and every drop of his energy  to set the pilings of his  success. An authentic curios who questions everything around him. I consider myself as being a hard worker, passionate, dominant and influential guy who tries to combine his skills for creating a better society and helping people to grow.

Poza Andrei Nistor

One of the most important things in my life is getting in touch with everything that is “new”. I visited a bunch of pretty different countries and I simply love to analyse people and their reactions. I am really passionate about travelling, and mainly  non-turistic regions because my main interest is to get into the spirit of a place, not its fake image which is more sellable. And also, for me, it is a huge challenge to coordinate people but it gives me tones of motivation, experience and energy. Last but not the least I would love to become a famous entrepreneur.

Firstly, I had a really bad point of view about GROW and I simply took it as given, I haven’t tried to dig more about it. But, after some years have passed and I have  gained a lot of experiences, I participated in some projects by Scoala de Valori *2 editions of Exceptionalii* and the team saw that there is some potential in me and they got in touch with me as to discus about being the local project manager in my hometown at GROW. By the time, my energy and enthusiasm for GROW arose in me and I cannot stop thinking about making this edition the in Galati no.1 in Romania. Why? Simply, because I think that project is a must have for each teen and we need to “touch” so many more of them. So, I am the LPM GROW Galati because I am sure that I have everything that it takes to motivate the team for getting the best out of them and also for making them GROW.

Participants, students, trainers, LPMs, each and every individual involved somehow in the process:

Live your life like today is the last day! Just live beautiful! Take nothing for granted and do not be afraid of starting your growth by yesterday!