GROW Summer 2016 takes place in 10 Romanian cities, where the magic is delivered by a happy organizing team, headed by a Local Project Manager (LPM). Today we present you Anca, the GROWzav LPM from Timisoara!

My motto is “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and I am proud to say that I am doing this. I am Anca, Local Project Manager GROW Timisoara, a curly, crazy girl who can’t stay without doing something. I am 17 years old and my passions are vast. I love writing, travelling, sports and helping, but most of all I love GROW.

Three years ago I was called to be asked if I wanted to attend the program, my first instinct was to turn them down, but after that I asked myself “Why shouldn’t I try?”, so I accepted. I was in 9th grade and now I thank myself for this choice because it was a step that changed my life. I attended the following edition and I enjoyed myself growing and growing even more.

I was extremely happy when I was asked if I wanted to be Local Project Manager. My motivation for this position comes from my love for this project; I want to give others the opportunity to experience GROW’s magic. Also, I wanted to attend another edition and I was quite sad in winter when it did not take place in my city. But, here I am to change this aspect. GROW changes people: you meet there different students and trainees and a part of you starts to become better.

Poza Anca

I want to tell to students that this summer experience will make them understand why learning is wonderful. You will have fun, meet persons who will think as you, trainees who will be there for you and there will be you after 10 sessions of GROW looking in the mirror and smiling at the awesome person you are. Don’t come only for the diploma; it is a plus, but GROW is so much more than just a diploma – it’s a way of living. Come to GROW to understand who you can be!

For trainees I have a simple message: you have no idea of what is waiting for you! It will be quite of an experience for you too. These students that you are going to meet are “game changers” and most likely will surprise you. These students may become your friends and living books from who you should learn something. Leave your worries behind and come to Romania prepared for an unforgettable summer!