In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Teodora.

Hello 😀 My name is Teodora B, but my friends call me Theo Smile, because I’m always happy when I’m surrounded by friends, family and other people and I smile a lot. I consider that life is beautiful and the problems are just life challenges. I’m a very creative, optimistic and energetic person and I like to make others feel good through little things or beautiful thoughts.

Also, I am a hard worker and serious person, I tend to be a perfectionist, careful with details and overly sincere. I’m always searching new experiences which will help me to develop myself, personally and professionally, to communicate with lots of interesting people and work in teams to exchange ideas.

I like to read a lot, but just books that I want, not those that someone says I have to read. I love travelling and I was in 6 countries in Europe, so far, but I dream to step, someday, in New York.

I’m a student in the first year at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and I hope one day to have my own business and to be an independent woman.

I’m a Street-dancer girl and I started 4 years ago. Now I can’t stop. It’s my favourite drug 😀 I love being on the stage with my crew and I dance to express, not to impress. When I hear the music, it’s like someone presses a button and my body starts to move on feelings and emotions and in those moments that is my life and nothing else matters.

Other passions are drawing and painting and I dream to have an exhibition with my piece of arts. I have never taken classes of art. All I know now I learnt watching on others and “stealing” from them. I was in camps, but there I just practiced. No one showed me how to do it, I just simply do it. And that’s why all I create it’s full of colors and I correlate this with my life.

I was a participant at the first GROW edition and those weeks changed my life. I was in the 9th grade and I heard that this project will bring international students in our country and we will have the chance to talk with them, so I was very excited. But I had a fear: how will I communicate with them, if I don’t know english so well? But all my school friends signed the application form and I couldn’t be the only one from the group that will sleep at home, when the others will have fun together.

Those were the best days of my life until then! I had a lot of fun, I met new people and we are still friends today, I learnt to work in team and I didn’t know how creative I can be. But the most important thing to me was the fact that I practiced my English and I gained confidence to talk with internationals, the results being that I discovered new things about other cultures and how nice can those people be, but I discovered new things of myself too. Now I know that I am able to do great things, to follow what I want and what really matters for me.

As I said, the GROW project changed my life and I always searched about new opportunities to discover myself and to find the way of my life. So, when I entered university, I heard about AIESEC, an organisation for students, which makes international exchanges and helps people to discover their leadership potential. After a while, being just a member of AIESEC Iasi, but seeing how others are more than just members, I asked about the next level of opportunities that I have. My VP and LCP told me about this project and after that I saw the 4 magical letters in an announcement with the opened positions as OCP. Then I remembered my days as a participant and I wanted to be once again among teenagers and part of the GROW project.

I chose to be an OCP because GROW helped me to change my life, so I want to be part of the process of others teenagers change through the same project. I love the idea that with the help of my OC, Scoala de Valori and AIESEC I will bring internationals in Iasi, which will interact with teenagers, have fun together and learn a lot from each other. I like to work with different people, with different characters and to make friends. I have some great ideas for this program and I want to put them in practice. At the end of the project, or maybe in years, I want the participants and the trainers to tell that they lived the best experience in the summer of 2014.

Also, this is the first challenge for me as a big leader and because this project, overall, is about being a leader, this mean I will be a model for teenagers and trainers as well. I am a responsible person and I have the required determination to make things happen.

Dear participants and trainers,

This will be an amazing experience, so don’t miss the balloon which will help you to fly to your dreams. The organizers are working hard for you to have lessons and enjoyment in the same ball. You won’t regret anything and I’m saying this from my experience!

Let’s have a unforgettable summer! I can’t wait to know you and to make beautiful things together!


Teodora and the OC Summer GROW Iasi