In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Raluca.

Hello, I’m Raluca (or Foxy) and I’m happy to tell you my story. Hope you will enjoy it!

Who am I? For me this is the hardest questions ever… Well, let me describe you a litle my life:

Once upon a time, two people decided to marry. After few months my dear mother gave my father some great news: dear, we’re gonna be parents, we’re gonna have a baby… Time passed and, after 9 months, a little girl was born. Full of life and very spoiled, she became faster a chubby princess with red cheeks and curly blond hair. The time time passed and that little princes became a young lady, not so tall and her blond hair evolved into long black hair.

That young lady is like every young people in our days : she likes to have fun with her friends, she goes at faculty, an Accounting faculty and she doesn’t like so much this thing because she discovered a great passion for working with people, teens, to do things for her community, being a model for her sister and make her parents proud of their daughter.

All the people who know Foxy, they know that at the beginning  she is a serious person who never smile and all the time has a tendency to be upset.  But NO, she isn’t like this: and now I’m talking about that crazy Foxy who is laughing all the time, making jokes, stupid jokes sometimes, who likes to  walk and other things that probably she is missing  now because she doesn’t  like to talk so much about herself and prefers to let the persons who are around to discover her.”

I like to read a lot, but now I’m sad because I don’t have enough time for books. This is a passion that my father inspired me. When I was a little child, like, I don’t know, 8 years old, all the time he was telling me: “Please go in your room and try to read your next lesson for  tomorrow”. At the beginning I was like “Why I should do this, I don’t like it, is boring”, but after a while I started to enjoy this action, and step by step I fell in love with books.  This is one of my passions and I hope one day I will have enough time to read  more than now.

Other passion … I don’t know, maybe nature walks, and I will tell you why: I am a person who grew in the countryside, with fresh air, green grass, and  now that I moved I really miss those things that made me happy.

My  first contact with GROW was in highschool, when members of AIESEC came to promote the project, but unfortunately I have never had the courage to join the project. I think I was shy. Then, when I grew up, one of my friends was OC Finance in the project  and I really liked what she was doing there. At first, I tried my luck for the Spring edition, like OC Finance, but I wasn’t elected. I was very disappointed.

When the applications for the Summer edition were finally open, I didn’t have the courage to apply, but our LCP came to me asking: “What are your plans for  the next period?” I was like “Nothing, like usually”. He told me “Don’t you want to apply as Team Leader for the next GROW edition? ” My answer  was “Yes, why not?  I’m a little bit scared, but I think it will be a good opportunity for me, I have ideas for activities and I like to work with people”.

I would like that my experience as an OCP  to be one of my best actions, because in my team are  only new members. I think  that the project is important for me to help those people to learn something new, how to work like a team, but also all of us want to have the most legendary edition of GROW.

My message for  the GROW participants:

If you want to grow and I want to grow,  am I right when I say that we should grow together?

So, I’m in, you’re in, can we make something special and learn in the same time?

So, I do things and you do things, have you ever thought how it will be to work with many, many, people that you never met am become friends?

I’m special in my way, you’re special in you’re way too. Let’s think:  if I’m special and she/he is special, maybe there is the possibility to see that we have a lot of things in common…

In the end: we meet, we discuss, we do things, we learn also a lot, have fun, fun, fun and time passes,  than we put one big and important question:  what happened? Well, we did just 4 things: Practice, Learn, Step up and GROW, grow together like a team, a family, like friends.