In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Larisa.

I’m Larisa, proud OCP from AIESEC Brasov. I’m one of the persons who has a huge smile on her face almost all of the time. I have been living in Brasov for one year and a half, but I’m really proud of the region of Iasi where I grew up.

Even since I was a little girl I had inclinations on literature  stories and teaching. This is how a few years ago I started writing on a blog. Some people love to drive, some people love to cook, I love to write. It is the only way I can get relaxed and every time I need a quiet friend I grab my journal and tell him which are my thoughts. Besides this one I can’t imagine a world without music and books.

Give me some money and I will go right on the book store checking something new to read or if is a summer day right next to the corner to buy an ice cream. I’m a dreamer who believes that can bring a change in the educational system, which is one of the reasons why I’m studying English and French Literature and I prepare myself for becoming a teacher.

Talking about creativity and friends brings me to the GROW program. I heard about it a year ago when I was a new member in AIESEC. Everybody was talking about it but I had no idea what’s going on with it. So on the next edition I decided to be part of the organizing team. After the moment the OCP was elected, I showed my interest to be part of his team. I have to confess that I was skeptical in the beginning and I had moments when I wanted to give up. But step by step I learned some new things and, the most important, I found a really interesting person in that team. The moment that I decided that, YES, I want to stay in this project until the end was after the first session I supervised.

Why did I choose to be an OCP? Well, I was in that classroom and I saw the that those kids need this program, so I made my decision. Again, step by step, I learned in the same time with them, I made new friends and more than that I learned how to Practice, to Learn and than to Step up. My Step up was the OCP position. Why I did it? Because of them. Because of these smart and beautiful students who are so full of energy and have new ideas. And the way they thank me for making this program happening is probably one of the most amazing feeling that someone can have it. And also, going to college and hear one of your teacher telling you that you are an amazing person because you are doing this kind of actions it makes me believe that the educational system has a tiny piece of hope somewhere.

What I want to tell to these students is to take this opportunity. It’s like you have the whole world in your own city. The multicultural experience is something that some of us won’t be able to achieve in a lifetime. So if you can’t go on the opposite continent, we bring the continent to you. And for the internationals, also. One of my first thoughts when I was on the first session was: “I want to be in their place”. They have the opportunity to change the life of some kids in just 6 weeks. Plus that having 150 friends or even more from a new country is something that you can’t  do that easy, normally speaking.

So GROW, Practice, Learn, Step up!