In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Isabela.

Hello everyone! I am Isabela Vîlceanu, from AIESEC Timisoara. My AIESEC friends call me Visa. 🙂

Some say that I’m a dreamer because I keep dreaming about legendary things that I want to do in my life… But I like to think that I’m visionary. I’m very ambitious, optimistic, sometimes perfectionist and analytical person. I grow from experiences and become stronger. I see road blocks as challanges and opportunities.

My passion is to create beautiful things, like using Photoshop, creating presentations and handmade stuff. Also, I love badminton and travelling, which is my biggest goal in life – to travel all the places that are opposite to our culture.

My first contact with GROW was in highschool, as a participant in this amazing project. It was the end of 10th grade and it was the first time being in a project. I still remember my enthusiasm when I wrote my application form with my colleagues. I was studying social sciences and I was interested in education and searching for methods on how to change the educational system, so I took this project like a opportunity to see what’s going on with this non-formal education. First, I was very shy. I looked at the internationals trainers and I could see some mix of energy with nervousness and impatience. Because I loved the program so much I applyed the next year. And because of GROW I became interested in entrepreneurship. I loved so much both editions of GROW, that I wanted to know how to become a coordinator someday.

And that day appeared… I dreamed about being part in the GROW project since highschool and 5 months after joining AIESEC I was selected for being the coordinator this summer. Shocking, but my excitment is surpassing.

My strongest motivation is that I really want to make an impact! I realised that this experience is a once in a lifetime chance to be a GROW coordinator and I have to treasure it, do the best I can and to make it be memorable. It is overwhelming and that’s why I feel so excited. The students will keep me motivated, I want to see that they learnt something useful for their life like I did when I was a participant and to feel their energy.

In the end, I hope that this journey that already started will be awesome and I will dedicate myself for everyone to have the best experience of their life! I have the experience of a participant and I know that this will change you!

Let’s be GROWzavi this summer!! 🙂