In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Ioana.

My name is Ioana and I am the Team Leader of GROW in Galati. I’d describe myself as an ambitious and passionate person that puts the needs of others in front of my own. I am always serious and I don’t smile very often but I am as involved as any other person.

My passions first of all is sports. I LOVE badminton and swimming. I also love history, I study history, I watch documentaries about history, I read books about history, I breathe history.

My first contact with GROW was almost a year and half ago. I was a new member in AIESEC Galati and a friend asked me if I’d help him with the promotion of the project he was in. That project was GROW. I accepted and went to classtalks with him. I had no idea about this project what was it or what was it about. But seeing him talking you could see how much he liked the project. I can say he was an inspiration for me. A few months later he became a Team Leader on GROW as well.

GROW was not my target. I did not want to be the next GROW Team Leader, I was aiming higher. However, things didn’t go as planned and I was asked to be a Team Leader and I accepted. I accepted because I knew how challenging this project is, I knew how dedicated you have to be and I knew how much time you have to give to this project. My reason was a selfish one. I accepted for myself to prove that I can do it, that my edition will be awesome.

My message for all the participants is to apply on this project! Because all the people involved, from Scoala de Valori or from AIESEC, they are dedicated people that see this project as their own baby. A project that will teach you so many things and that will help you later! A project that will help you GROW!