In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Gabriela.

I’m Gabriela! I consider myself a smart and ambitious person. I like having a busy life and this gets me involved in a lot of things. This may take some time in making projects in AIESEC or some time in volunteering for the Transylvania Philharmonic or maybe arguing in an international negotiations simulation.

I have two big passions that are related with my field of studies: debating and negotiating. I’m in two profile clubs and I try to devote as much as possible to these activities and maybe someday I will do it in a professional way. As a third big passion I will have to say reading and this is something that I love since I was a little child.

I found out about the GROW project at an AIESEC local meeting when the former project coordinator introduced the project while looking for her team. I was enchanted by the impact of this project and I decided to apply on a position. Soon I was part of her team and everything started.

I decided to take part in GROW for two reasons. First, as I said, it was the impact that the project had on me. Secondly, it was my wish to take this project further and to make the best of it. I saw it like a challenge, but also as an opportunity to give something back to the society. I will have to say that in the same time, this is for me a chance to learn a great deal of things and I never say no to a learning opportunity.

My motivation for being an OCP comes from two directions. One is to learn how to act in a position of high authority and the second is because I really believe in the goal of this project and in the impact that has on the society. If somebody looks for a way to change the world, this project is a great opportunity. It is a project that is really opening the minds of the young people, and in my vision, this clearly means a better Romania for tomorrow.

I would have loved to go through an experience like this, from both positions – student or trainer. As a participant, the things you can take from this project are amazing. As a trainer, this is also a great learning experience but in the same time, is a great chance to give something, to share your knowledge, your culture, even to change some lives. If you have this opportunity, you shouldn’t say no. I can’t think at a better way to spend your summer!