A new GROW session is approaching, so it’s time to get ready for another adventure! In every city where GROW takes place, we have a local team that implements the project, led by a coordinator (OCP). To get into the GROW atmosphere, let’s meet the enthusiastic local coordinators! Today we present you Andrei.


My name is Andrei, I’m studying English and German and I’m a member of AIESEC in Craiova since 24 october 2013 (my birthday). I am an optimistic person who likes to live the life to the fullest. I want to meet new people, to make new friends and I want to learn new things from the others and teach others from my experience. That’s why I joined AIESEC and I ran as the coordinator of this project.

My passions are basketball and snowboarding. I’m playing basketball for 8 years and I’m snowboarding since I was 7 years old, so I can say that these two sports are not only my passions, but also my lifestyle.

When I was in high-school I was a funny guy who just wanted to have fun and go to parties. But when I got into college I found out aboud AIESEC and I joined the organisation. I was so excited about that and all I was hearing around me was „Apply in the GROW team… it’s the best project that you can apply to”.  I didn’t know anything about the project, but I applied. I was elected in the GROW team and I started to learn about it. I liked it and I did my best as a team member.

I really loved my experience as a team member of this project and I want to be the one who gives the same experience to others. Also, I like what GROW is doing for highschool students and I don’t want students to see GROW as an extra activity, but as a necessary project, as a step towards a better future. And I think every highscool student should participate. I was talking with some participants from the last edition of GROW and I was so overwhelmed when they came to me and thanked me for their experience and asked me when the next edition start and so on… I think that each and every student should have this experience.

My message for the students: I really regret that in highschool I didn’t participate in this kind of projects. As I said before, you should see this project as a great opportunity for you to develop yourself, not only as an extra activity. I promise you that GROW will really change your life into something better. And you will also have a lot of fun, you will meet new people and also international students from all over the world. Don’t miss this chance!

My message for the trainers: If you want to be part of something big, a part of a project that really changes lives, this is your chance! This is your chance to change students lives, your life, my life.  You will discover a great culture, a great country and great people who will become your friends. I can’t wait to meet you guys and have a great experience together!