The GROW Magic has started spreading around the country, with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them!   

Eline Hocq from Belgium – GROW trainer in Cluj-Napoca and Alba Iulia 

How come you decided to be a GROW trainer?

I had some free time and I really wanted to travel and to discover some other countries, but in a “smart” way. I wanted to do something, not only visiting passively, I wanted to be active. I’ve found the GROW project on Workaway and I was immediately interested! It was a serious project and a great opportunity for me so I jumped in it! Moreover, I wanted to prove myself that I’m capable of deliver sessions in English in front of a group of teenagers. I like the pedagogical side of the project and the idea of being useful. 

My expectations for this project

…were to discover Romania, the people and the culture, to know if I’m able to “entertain” a group of teenagers, to have fun with them during the sessions, to meet people, to be able to solve conflicts if that happens during the sessions. 

The first day in Romania

Everything went really fast, and I didn’t have the chance to visit Bucharest. A bit nervous about taking the train and step off in the right step, but I felt very welcomed at the moment I arrived in Predeal. 

My personal life goal

Is to find the place I’ll be happy in and if I could do something for the protection of our environment that would be la cerise sur le gateau (the cherry on the cake). 

If I had a magic wand…

First I would remove all kind of pollution on earth, everywhere (in the air, the ocean, the rivers, on the ground… everywhere). Then I would change the politicians’s mind to set sustainable development as a priority. I would introduce the social class equality and make sure everyone has enough to eat without wasting anything. That would be directly linked to the change of the politician’s minds part. No more wars ever again and I would buy my mom flowers (but from a self-sufficient greenhouse). 

Most people don’t know about Belgium that…

  • Nobody knows Belgium good enough. French Fries are from Belgium as much as beer; try the one in Belgium and you’ll have an idea of what paradise is!
  • We have 3 official languages; Dutch (also called Flemish), French and German (How cool is that! Not convenient at all, but so cool).
  • We invented the saxophone! Yes we did. We were also the first who discovered the Big Bang. Impressed, aren’t you?