Today we meet Margit and Marketa, who shared with us their impressions on the GROW adventure 🙂

Hello! My name is Margit and describing myself is quite a challenge. I think I’m passionate, ambitious, extremely honest and straightforward and I use sarcasm and irony on a daily basis. I consider myself as a very punctual and responsible person and I think keeping a word is a must. I’m very passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures, that was one of the reasons why I came to Romania. I enjoy cooking and spending time with friends. I also like to take beautiful pictures.

I am from Estonia. I’m proud of Estonian song and tance festival that takes place once in every three or four years (witch I didn’t have a chance to attend this year, sadly). Also, Tallinn’s old town is super beautiful and this is one of the things I miss about Estonia right now.

I found GROW project when I was searching for a project for this summer. Also Estonian AIESEC highly recommended GROW.

My motivation as a GROW trainer is to work with teenagers and introduce them my culture and broaden their horizons, too. Also give them a chance to teach me about Romania and youth culture here.

I expected a chance to change the world for a tiny bit and I think I got the opportunity 🙂 GROW will definitely make me even more tolerant person. I already value the things and my life back in Estonia and I’m grateful for what I have there. I think I became a much more open and approachable person here. Overall, I believe that this experience will affect me in so many ways that I can’t even understand them all right now. I hope to learn valuable lessons for life.


I am Markéta. I love meeting new people, I like internationalism and getting to know new cultures. This correspond to my next passion, travelling. I’m talkative and I smile all the time 🙂

I am from the Czech Republic, I love my country and I am very proud of it, even we had a tough history we could manage to resist and fight for our freedom. I could say, we are a small country with a big heart.

I was looking through the list of the projects in Romania and I found GROW, a very awesome oportunity to develop myslef and get to know Romanian culture. So I applied…

As a GROW trainer, I would like to develop myself more and to do my best in delivering sessions. I am very keen on expanding my knowledge, all GROW is a big challange for me. All GROW, 5TC, AIESEC, Romania already exceeded my expectations. I am very happy that I applied, I am greatful for this amazing experience.

GROW already changed me! I am more open-minded to new things and I can cooperate in a team. I feel more confident in public speaking and I am not so afraid of talking about my feelings. I hope my experience to continue and I to have a great time in Romania and in GROW!!!