Konstantina and Elissavet are the next two GROW Summer trainers we meet.

konstantinaHello! I’m Konstantina! Usually people tell me I am a very calm and tranquil person. It’s very hard to get me mad or angry. I am quite open and sociable but it takes a while for me to open up to people I don’t really know. I’m passionate about music physics and DIY crafts.

I am really proud of the natural beauty of my country, Greece, and also of the fact that the people (or at least the ones who don’t leave in the big cities or are a little bit more traditional) are always very friendly and hospitable. One of our most important values is solidarity.

 My motivation for being a GROW trainer? First it was personal growth. The chance to meet a new country and internationals from all over the world. And then education is a very interesting subject to me, so GROW is a chance to do both at the same time.

I think that the sessions with the teenagers can also be very helpful to the trainers, not only to the participants. I expect to meet a lot of different people and learn something from every one of them about their culture, their lifestyle and hopefully some of the teenagers spirit and creativity will rub off on me…

After this experience, hopefully I will become a more organized and independent person, who is able to face the problems that arise and find alternatives. Also, being a trainer, being able to give presentations or public speaking can be useful in many different situations in my everyday life or career.

elissavetHi! I am Elissavet and I am an aspiring pianist and citizen of the world, as I love speaking foreign languages, I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people from different backgrounds. I dream of having a friend in every corner on Earth.

I am from Athens, Greece and I love my country because of the diversity of landscapes that it offers – from high snow-covered mountains to crystal-clear waters on the beach. I have travelled a lot across my country but there is yet so much to see! We Greeks also value hospitality a lot and make sure our visitors feel at home.

I am proud to be a GROW trainer, because it fulfills me as a person. I feel rewarded by our students, I enjoy interaction and learning from them too and, most of all, I am not here only to make them grow, but I also feel growing myself. I have been here only for two weeks and I have bonded so much as if it has been years. I have met people that I will never forget and so much more is yet to come!

After this program, I expect to go back home as a different person, a GROWn person, full of memories and experiences, both professionally, as I will be teaching adults for the next academic year, and personally, as I am experiencing everything that AIESEC has promised me: out of my comfort zone, taking risks and decisions and overcoming difficulties. Here I feel stronger, happier, whole.

GROW is a unique experience for me, because I see differences in such a short period of time. I am working on things that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t here. I am more open to people, I dare more, I meet people everyday, I am more positive and co-operative. GROW has enhanced the positive aspects of my character, so I now enjoy offering and sharing even more.