Kai and Lucia are the next two GROW trainers we meet 🙂

My name is Kai and I’m from Estonia, born and raised on an island in the Baltic Sea. I study communication management in master’s programme and I love everything related to communication, marketing, PR and advertising.

Like most Estonians, I’m a very patriotic person and like everything about Estonia, but I can say especially proudly that Estonia is one of the most tech-savvy countries in the World, with e-government, e-taxes, e-healthcare, e-school and mobile parking systems. One can access WiFi even in the deepest of forest!

I have at least six (or maybe more) friends who have been trainers in the GROW project since 2010. They’ve all said that it is very good project to be involved with and recommended to take the challenge. I was a member of AIESEC in Estonia and from there I got information about the project actually several years ago already.

My motivation for being a GROW trainer? For me it is all about the development of the students. I want them to learn more about soft skills and values, financial and societal topics. While doing it through my own experience I can actually feel that I have at least a little impact in making the World a better place and giving the participants thoughts and ideas about the decisions they have to make in their lives. I’m motivated when I see that they’ve gained something valuable from the sessions.

I expect to meet young Romanian peole who are interested in self-development and who would like to learn more about the World we live in. I expect to have interesting conversations with people from other countries and cultures to understand their way of life and principles better. I expect promises delivered and honesty, open-mindedness and respect, I expect listening to each other and compromises, while striving for excellence. I expect people who are willing to grow.

My GROW change has already started – with crazy time schedule one must always be ready for the unexpected. Living in Bucharest as a GROW trainer with 9 (+ other projects) trainers from several different cultures, one learns tolerance and accepts that not everything goes according to plan.

Nice to meet you! My name is Lucia. I come from a small country but my heart is big enough, big enough for a lot of good energy, helpfulness, geniality, and friendliness. I am trying to have meaningful life and go straight to reach my goals. Friendship based on honesty is important for me. Optimism, happiness, freedom and warm smile on my face, that is how people can recognize me. My passions are sports, travelling, making and eating food, meeting and listening to people´s life stories.

I come from the heart of Europe, from country called Slovakia. Small big country, this is how it is named by many people, who discovered its beauty. The most impressive thing in Slovakia is nature. High mountains covered by green trees, white peaks of the amazing mountain range High Tatras, waterfalls in Slovak Paradise. Protected flowers, animals and many unique places and buildings written in UNESCO. Nice and hospitable people, who try to help you in any situation, and offer you with traditional food  such as “halušky” and “pirohy” cakes. I am really proud of my country, when I meet people, who were already in the Slovak Republic, and they tell me that this all is a true.

I was searching in myaiesec.net for some interesting project, especially in Europe, which would be able to move me forward. And this is how I discovered the GROW project in Romania. Who search will find, and I am happy that I was looking for it properly!

I think that education is nowadays the most important thing. Moreover, practical education is what students are expecting. I can see their enthusiasm, energy and will, that they really want to learn and GROW. This is what helps me here, to see that my job has some meaning, it is really motivational and important for me.

My expectations from this project are to find out more about myself, to know where I belong to, what I like and dislike doing in my life; improve my English and presentation skills, make a lot of new friends, listen to many amazing stories which can motivate me; explore the culture and beauties of Romania, have fun and enjoy my holiday.

As I am meeting everyday many different cultures, I am sure that at the end of this project I will be able to understend all of them. It is heplful in breaking some prejudices and in better perceiving the world around me. I hope that I will GROW too, not only my students. The students are those who help us as well. By delivering sessions, I have to study more about the topics, but their opinions are sometimes so clever that I learn a lot from them. It means that at the end I will be able to listen to people more, I will be able to express my opinions and ideas in a clearly way.