It’s time to meet another two GROW trainers! Today we present you Jan and Nikolay 🙂

Hello, I’m Jan, I am a kind of adventurous person, I like sport (almost every type), music and FUN. I love traveling, and getting know new people, culture and countries.

I come from the Czech Republic. It’s a country with rich history, we have many costumes which are typical only for us, but we also share many traditions with other European countries.  I am sure that in the world we are known for our love of beer(avarage per capita is over 150 litres / year), also for our Film-school, and a lot of landmarks around the country.

To be honest, I found out about GROW by accident, I was just looking for some project in Romania, and than I learned that is there something called GROW almost in every city, which has LC.. I started searching information about it, and I was so surprised. When I saw on which level is GROW prepared, I realized how much we can influence the young students and their future, „only” by „chatting” with them about serious topics (in a fun way), which they meet almost everywhere everyday, almost in every part of life.

My expectations for the GROW program were totally overcome. I thought that it will be another project like sharing info about my country, discuss about differences, make a lot of friends from another countries, have fun and so on. Everything I mentioned was filled, and like an extra bonus I have experience with a detailed sophisticated project, which has history, but also has a FUTURE!, because it’s focused on the people’s future!

This experience will definitely change me, every hour spent on 5TC changed me, improved my skills (language, presentation, …), opened my eyes… and it was only the beggining!  Thank you so much !


I’m Nikolay and I come fromBulgaria. I describe myself as an easy-going positive person. I like playing basketball, jogging, doing outside activites. I am very energetic and my biggest passion is hip-hop.

I found out about GROW on and I liked the JD; my MCVP also told me really good things about the project. I decided to be a GROW trainer because I think it is really relevant and it will fix a lot of issues in Romania. I hope to see similar project in Bulgaria in the future. In this program I am determined to give my best and deliver quality sessions.