The GROW Summer adventure has just started, so let’s meet the international trainers, who will accompany and guide the teenagers on the journey of self-discovery and values. Today we introduce you Bruna and Adish.

I’m Bruna from Brazil. The diversity that my country has makes me feel very proud about it, our culture is very rich and interesting! I’m a very easy going person, I love to discover new cultures and new things. I’m always interested in what others have to say about themselves, their country, anything!

I found out about GROW through AIESEC and I chose to be a GROW trainer because I wanna make an impact on the teenagers’ lives. Being a teenager is not easy, and I hope I can help them get through this phase in the best way possible and help them develop themselves.

In this program I hope I will learn a lot about transmitting knowledge. For me, GROW is not an one-way project, it goes both ways – for the trainers and the students. I think this experience will enrich me a lot, being in a different country, with people from all around the world. Dealing with teenagers is very difficult and very pleasurable at the same time.

My name is Adish and I’m a passionate person who always wants to make people happy. I like to help others and I consider this as my hobby. Whatever I do, I always make sure it is being done in the best way possible. Singing, music, guitar, web designing, programming are some of my passions.

I’m from Ludhiana, Punjab (India), a place which is rich in culture and traditions. It has diversity in itself, every state in my country is like a different country. People are warm and welcoming. Punjab is known for it’s food, fashion and happiness, that’s what makes me proud of my country.

I’m here to be a GROW trainer because to inspire others is my best motivation. I want to experience the thought process of this young generation, explore the country, get in touch with the culture. I want to learn and have fun all along. I think GROW will change me because it’s going to give me global exposure, training experience and will definitely boost my confidence.