Let’s meet other GROW international trainers, who accompanied the teens on the adventure of self-discovery. We introduce you Beste, Marie and Felipe 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m Beste. I am very responsible and ambitious person. I believe that impossible is nothing in this world ! Music is my passion, I cannot live without music! This is for sure 🙂 I am from Turkey. My country’s history and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the father of Turks) makes me proud of my country.

I am so enthusiastic for being a GROW trainer! When I prepare for every session I learn new things or new perspectives about life. And this makes me to search more about the GROW subjects. Also, to be honest, in every session I have so much fun!

After this project, I expect I am gonna be more aware of life issues and I will make new friends. My English skills will improve and I will be more capable of public speaking without preparing.

I think that GROW will influence and change me more than I expected, it will give me a new perspective, because in every session I’ve discovered a new aspect about me that I didn’t know before.

marie machalMy name is Marie. I love everything related to art, painting, sculpting, creating! I’m also really fond of music and cinema. I’m a really artsy person. But my main passion is travelling. I’ve been to a lot of countries and I wanna keep on doing it!

I’m from France, and I love my country ! I love our food, our beautiful architecture and sceneries, and I’m really proud of our cinema. I think that Paris is an amazing city to visit because of all of the cultural activities that happens there.

I was looking for a project in Eastern Europe cause I wanted to learn more about this part of the world, and an AIESEC friend who used to be OCP in this project convinced me to apply to GROW. I want the students to learn from GROW, but most of all I want to learn from them, cause they are all really amazing and willing to share their culture. I expect the GROW program to be really useful for the students and that they can use what they learnt during sessions to apply it to their everyday life but also for their future choices of career. I hope to be able to create strong bonds with them and that we all GROW in the end!

This experience enables me to live in a foreign country during 6 weeks surrounded by people from all over the world. GROW enables us to merge all our cultures and to learn from each other. I think that GROW will improve a lot my communication and public speaking skills, my English level, but it will also be an improvement in my future choices of studies in career. So thanks GROW!

I’m Felipe! I would describe myself as a very curious and passionate person, with a lot of will to live. If I could define my passions in one sentence it would be: Always move forward or in other words: Always discover new things, develope myself and change.I’m from Brazil and what makes me feel proud about my country is the variety of culture we have and our joy to live.

I found out about GROW by looking through the AIESEC network and I applied because it is a challenging project. I couldn’t be more happy to be here!I try not to worry about expectations, just live the moment as intense as possible and I’m really enjoying it.